NaToxAq PhD school on natural toxins – Københavns Universitet

NaToxAq PhD school on natural toxins

This is the 1st summer school organized by NaToxAq which is a multidisciplinary European Training Network (ETN).

NaToxAq comprises 21 leading universities, research institutions/agencies, and water enterprises in 7 European countries and USA, which aim to expand insight on natural toxin identity, analysis, fate, dissipation, removal during water treatment, health effects, and risk assessment under impact of climate change, to ensure safe and healthy waters for European consumers. The summer school aims at giving a solid scientific background within these fields as well as providing valuable complementary skills for students which are early in their PhD.

More specifically the summer school is divided in three scientific modules combined with an excursion and complementary modules. Furthermore, a complementary module C3 is arranged for supervisors.

Read more about the various modules and the scientific content.

Learning outcome The PhD students that follow this course will:

1) Get a solid background knowledge and understanding of current topics and methods within sampling, sample treatment, analytical procedures and environmental chemistry of natural toxins in the environment (plants and soils) and in drinking water sources.

2) Gather experience in design and execution of projects within environmental chemistry (design of experiments, good laboratory practice, time and project management, research plans etc.)

3) Be able to discuss their projects and assignments with experts in the field (e.g. by poster presentations, research plans etc.)

4) Obtain a broad network within the field. NaToxAq is already a large network of 15 international Early Stage Researchers, which will all participate in the summer school. Furthermore, all the 21 leading universities, research institutions/agencies, and water enterprises will be represented during parts of the PhD summer school giving PhD students a unique opportunity to meet central researchers, companies, agencies etc. within the field. Se a full list of all the participating partners.

Important information

ECTS: A single or multiple modules can be selected and combined as desired. See ECTS for each module in the course description.

Course fee: Depends on which modules are selected (contact Kristine Groth Kirkensgaard,

Registration deadline:  4th August 2017 - but later registration possible via approval from Coordinator Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen

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