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Molecular Plant Breeding

This research group carries out interdisciplinary research that combines molecular genetics, genomics and biotechnology with classical breeding of crop plants in order to meet the demand for yield, quality and low input under changing climate conditions. To enable this, a range of plant genetic resources have been established, including genotyped collections of barley, wheat, pea and carrots, as well as mutant populations in these species.

Research exploring very extensive local mutant collections in the model plant Brachypodium provides useful knowledge and experience that can be transferred to the major cereals.

Site-directed mutagenesis is used in barley as a new plant breeding technology. Taken together a platform, using conventional quantitative genetics and molecular marker technology with complementing approaches of QTL analysis and genome-wide association scan (GWAS), has been built for analysis of complex traits. Currently, the genomic tools are explored in terms of biotic and abiotic stress traits, quality traits and production traits.

Research topics