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Agrohydrology (Environmental Physics)

Agrohydrology deals with soil physics and environmental biophysics including the microclimate of plants.

Focus is on physical states and processes within the soil-plant-atmosphere system.

Research topics

  • The soil as a reservoir for water, energy, gases, and nutrients
  • The soil as a medium for transport of water, energy, gases, particles, and solutes
  • Physical crop growth factors
  • Contaminant transport in soil (e.g. nutrients or pesticides), including preferential flow and colloid facilitated transport
  • Microclimate, energy and gas exchange between canopy and atmosphere
  • Analysis and modelling of the soil-plant-atmosphere system (The Daisy Model)
  • Land and water management in crop production: drainage, irrigation, soil tillage

Selected publications

  • Hansen S, Abrahamsen P, Petersen CT, Styczen ME (2012). Daisy: model use, calibration and validation. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 55: 1315-1333
  • Hansen S, Petersen C, Mollerup M, Abrahamsen P, Gjettermann B, Nielsen MH, Styczen S, Poulsen R, Lørup JK, Yamagata K og Butts M (2012): Flerdimensional modellering af vandstrømning og stoftransport i de øverste 1–2 m af jorden i systemer med markdræn. Bekæmpelsesmiddelforskning fra Miljøstyrelsen nr. 138
  • Petersen CT, Hansen E, Larsen HH, Hansen LV, Ahrenfeldt J, Hauggaard-Nielsen H (2016). Pore size distribution and compressibility of a coarse sandy subsoil with added biochar. European Journal of Soil Science 67: 726-736
  • Petersen CT, Nielsen MH, Hansen S (2012): Quantification of drain connected macroporous flow path-ways by smoke injection. Soil Science Society of America Journal 76: 331-341
  • Petersen, CT, Nielsen MH, Rasmussen SB,  Hansen S, Abrahamsen P, Styczen M og Koch CB (2016): Jordbearbejdningens indflydelse på pesticidudvaskning til markdræn. Bekæmpelsesmiddelforskning fra Miljøstyrelsen nr. 167