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Michael Foged Lyngkjær

Michael Foged Lyngkjær


Research: Plant infection in a changed climate. Plant diseases are a major constraint for plant productivity. However, there is only limited knowledge about how multifactor climate changes will affect plant health in the future. The prediction is that climate change may alter rates of pathogen development, modify host resistance and lead to changes in the physiology of host-pathogen interactions. In order to study climate change effects on plant health, we are growing plants under different water regimes, in multi or single factor treatments with CO2, ozone (O3) and temperature using values as they are today and forecasted to be in year 2075. One of the diseases we investigating is head blight in cereals caused by the fungus Fusarium graminearum which produces myco-toxins, which are harmful to human and animal health. In the current study, we are investigating whether F. graminearum produce more toxins under the future climatic conditions and cause increasing problems with toxin contaminated cereal-derived products. 
Cyanogenic glucosides in barley. recause the leaves do not contain beta-glucosidase activity able to cleave epiheterodendrin. The function of the cyanoglucosides and the effect of re-introduction of cyanogenesis in the barley leaf by transient expression of an epiheterodendrin hyrolyzing beta-glucosidase are now being studied with special emphasis on resistance to the powdery mildew fungus.

ID: 4941064