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Agnieszka Janina Zygadlo Nielsen

Agnieszka Janina Zygadlo Nielsen


I am an educated research scientist with a broad background in biotechnology. I hold two masters (genetics and oncology) and a PhD degree in biotechnology. After a one year post doc, I worked in a medium scale biotech company for two years. Due to the closing down of the company, I have been working at Aarhus University since then. However, I realize I would like to pursue my career in a position where my background as a scientist could be used to analyze and use the scientific data for analysis and further product development.
 My relevant personal skills are that I am dedicated and focused at work combined to a high sense of being a team player with a great sense of humor. I am energetic, well organized, open minded and I appreciate being in an international environment. I like searching and coming up with solutions to different tasks.
Specialties: Solid Background in Research, Experience in Coaching & Project Planning, project and people management, Experience in Teaching, Excellent Documentation, Communication & Presentation Skills, database search, Excellent IT Skills

ID: 21072659